Monday, July 4, 2011

hedberg family camp 2011- itasca state park

we spent (jordyn's first!) 5 days in the woods, pseudo camping in my parent's pop up camper.  it was the best family vacation we have had so far.  well, technically it's our first.  but it will be hard to top.  we all took turns on meals.  my fave was tom's eggs (scrambled in bacon grease) and the bacon. bacon. bacon. how i love bacon.

tom had the coffee going for all of us as every morning on the camp stove.  bacon and coffee, what more could a girl in the woods ever need??
answer: bathrooms.  that they had.  clean, big, and close to our camp site. complete with showers.  i would highly recommend bear paw campground at itasca state park to anyone interested in pseudo camping, but um, yea. they are shut down.  THANKS MINNESOTA!!!  anyway, on with the pictures.  we had plenty of family photo op time, especially since no one was sucked into sports on  a t.v. or facebook on their phone or spider solitaire on their laptops (even me!!! i left my phone uncharged almost the whole time).

jojo and her cousin tayden met for the first time, and loved playing with each other.  i loved it too, because someone else was playing 'tag, hear it' and hide and seek with her...gave me a chance to be lazy.

and of course we did the headwaters thing.  if you live in minnesota and have yet to cross the start of the mississippi (did i spell that right, sam?) you must do so.  once we have a government again.  anyway.

the wild life is just spectacular up in itasca state park.  we all got great exercise running away from the mosquitoes on the trail up to the fire tower and back.  the slugs that found homes under tents and tarps were pretty neat to see too.  and the caterpillars!  they were everywhere!  fuzzy grey ones with blue diamonds.  fat green "hungry, hungry caterpillar" ones!  jojo and tayden had fun collecting them and putting them in the woods so they wouldn't get squashed.  we did encounter this giant snapping turtle near the campground and some hatched turtle eggs  though.  and yes, i did chase the turtle through the tall grass to get a pic.

my favorite picture is our family picture taken at the headwaters.  what a good looking family!
 looking forward to next year, hedberg's!!!  thanks for the fun time, memories, and the girlscout gumbo experience (i'll get a pic of that next year.  i was too busy stuffing my face at  every meal to get my camera out).

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Megan and Zac 10.9.10

Pretty sure this was the funniest bridal party I have ever worked with.  The whole two days (we snapped a few at the rehearsal too) was nothing but laughter, which is why you won't see one fake smile in any pic taken.  Megan and Zac have a very unique, touching story of how their love came to be, and I was very honored to be there to capture the day they made it official!  Props to Daniel for working with me this weekend too!

Adam and Katie 7.10.2010

My beautiful sister-in-law and hubby Adam make another appearance to aimfire!  Their wedding was in the bride's hometown of Pine River and was filled with beauty, fun, and a lot of crazy (in a good way) family.  Example below.
Here's to a lifetime of love, happiness, and a little craziness.  Maybe a maternity session will be needed in the next few years, hey Hutton's?!  You know who to call :)  Love you guys.

Stephanie and Richard 6.19.2010

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What a fun wedding this was to shoot!  The bride and groom modeled their wedding after her grandparent's.  Her accessories were her grandmother's. The centerpieces on the picnic tables were hand painted vintage post cards the couple  collects.  He let me shoot with his "baby", the Yashica above (none of those are shown here). We actually posed some of the shots based on pictures Stephanie e-mailed me of her grandparent's wedding.  I had so much fun re-creating the textures from her pictures, making them look "old"! Also, thank you to Marcus Sarazin for your talent that day! 

Saturday, June 19, 2010

epiclife fundraiser

here are a few from the thousands (yes, thousands!!) of pictures we snapped for the missions trip fundraiser. all donations collected from these families helped us get to mercy trails ranch in new raymer colorado. what fun we had with these mini-sessions, and what a blessing it was to be able to raise money for our missions trip! pics of the trip are coming, so stay tuned! check out the ranch at